Tax Preparer Commercial Insurance Options

Pomona, CA tax preparation businesses need to get high-quality commercial insurance to protect themselves. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we can give you a guide to the type of policies you need and how they help keep you from severe financial problems.

Liability Is A Key Insurance Type

Tax preparation experts are often under a lot of pressure to get their returns filed correctly. As a result, they make mistakes that cost their clients money. When this occurs, commercial liability insurance can protect them from serious lawsuits. Liability insurance helps cover the costs of defending yourself from lawsuits and even pay part of the damages.

Just how serious can these lawsuits be for a tax preparation expert? A single mistake could cost their clients thousands of dollars or more on their returns. As a result, they could be liable in a million-dollar lawsuit that could put them out of business. With liability insurance, they are protected.

There Are Other Types Of Insurance Available

While commercial insurance for tax experts is primarily based on the responsibility, there are other coverage types available. For example, they can use commercial insurance to protect their business building from severe damage. Repair coverage of this kind is crucial.

They can also use it to cover the costs transportation and vehicle repairs. Other coverage types include omission insurance, compensation, cyber error coverage, and umbrella insurance to cover all your commercial insurance needs. However, the exact nature of a policy’s coverage will vary depending on what type you purchase.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services if your Pomona, CA tax preparation business needs commercial insurance. We will comprehensively cover you and ensure that you don’t end up losing money if you make a grave mistake.

What to do with a health crisis after hours?

If you have a health crisis after hours, THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Pomona, CA has some helpful suggestions for how to deal with the matter.

It goes almost without saying if your condition is life threatening, for example, a heart attack, stroke, or severe trauma, you or someone close to you should call 911. EMTs are well trained to evaluate and stabilize you and get you to a trauma center with due speed.

For conditions that are not life threatening, many hospitals maintain urgent care centers that are not only cheaper but have quicker wait times. Nearly all are open seven days a week and until about 9 p.m. or so. Some of the conditions that an urgent care center will be able to treat include conditions like the flu, minor injuries, vomiting, diarrhea, a non-life threating allergic reaction, or a urinary tract infection.

You should check in advance what an urgent care center will treat when they are open, and whether they are in a hospital or other facility that is within your insurance network. Have someone else drive you to the urgent care center if at all possible.

While your health information, such as chronic conditions, medications you are taking, and allergies may be on a computer network, it is always prudent to carry that information with you.

If you are uncertain what to do if you have a health care crisis after hours, many medical practices have an on call physician, Give that person a call, and he or she will be able to tell you what you need to do.

For any questions about this or any other health care insurance relayed subject contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Pomona, CA.

Does My Teen Need Special Auto Insurance?

In California, your teen driver will start their driving experience with a provisional license, meaning that though they are legally allowed to drive, they haven’t earned their complete driving privileges yet. California provisional drivers under 18 years of age have specific driving restrictions, such as not being allowed to drive between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am, and not being able to have passengers under the age of 20 in the vehicle, unless accompanied by someone over the age of 25 who is a licensed driver. These restrictions last for the first 12 months of a teen’s provisional license.

Provisional drivers have specific insurance needs. Keep the following in mind before you hand over the keys to your teen:

Provisional drivers are required by law to maintain the same minimum insurance coverage as their parents. In California, all drivers, including teens are required to carry the following coverage:

  • $30,000 in bodily injury per each accident
  • $15,000 in bodily injury per each person
  • $5,000 in property damage per each accident

If your Pomona CA teen has a provisional license and is using your vehicle, they should be added to your automobile insurance policy. All licensed drivers in your home, including teen drivers, need to either be added to or excluded from your automobile policy. If your teen is involved in a collision and you have not added them to your policy your insurer may not cover the damage to your vehicle, other vehicles involved, or any medical costs for injuries sustained by victims.

Check with your THINK Insurance & Financial Services agent find out which discounts may apply to the teen driver in your household. For more information about insurance coverage for your provisional driver, contact the Pomona, CA insurance experts at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today.

In Pomona, CA: Is Condo Insurance Treated the Same Way as Home Owner’s Insurance?

The agents of THINK Insurance & Financial Services serve residents who live in and around the Pomona, CA area. They specialize in various types of insurance including homeowner’s policies and those designed for condo owners. Owning a condo is a convenient blend of owning a home while living in a maintained building that holds several different units. This can lead to a unique set of circumstances when it comes to insurance coverage.

Condo insurance acts just like a homeowner’s policy in many ways. It reimburses you for your personal items if they are damaged, destroyed in a fire or stolen. It also protects the interior of your condo and will pay to cover the repairs to any damage that occurs within your living area. Your condo insurance will not cover damage outside your living area, however. Any damage that occurs outside of your living area is covered by the condo association.

Another benefit is the medical coverage that is afforded to guests who are injured while visiting you in your condo. This personal liability coverage. If your condo is damaged for any reason and you are unable to stay there, your condo insurance will pay for you to rent a hotel or other apartment until it is repaired and fully functional.

In Pomona, CA, the agents of THINK Insurance & Financial Services are available to discuss all of your insurance options with you at your earliest convenience. If you own a condo, they can evaluate your unique circumstances and come up with a policy that protects you from financial loss and gives you peace of mind. Schedule an appointment today to have all of your questions about condo insurance answered!

When to go to the ER

Emergencies are never planned and by nature arbitrary.  They are also subjective.  What qualifies as an emergency for one person may not qualify as an emergency for someone else.  Definitions vary as experiences are unique to each person who has an emergency.  This often creates questions about when to go to the Emergency Room.  THINK Insurance & Financial Services wants to help the people of Pomona, CA by answering these questions and providing guidelines about when a person should go to the Emergency Room and when to go to Urgent Care.

When to Go to the ER

Some people need to be more vigilant about acting in an emergency situation.   Elderly people, newborn or unborn infants, and people with certain medical conditions are advised to go the ER in the event that staying away would cause death or irreversible disability.

GO to the ER or dial 911 for Help When You Experience:

  • Cardiac Emergency
    • Chest Pain- It is even more important to go if it is accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath, vomiting, and pain radiates down the arm or jaw.
  • Pulmonary
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Inhaled smoke or poisonous fumes-
  • Neurological
    • Dizziness/Vertigo
    • Confusion/Disorientation
    • Trouble Speaking
    • Face Drooping
    • Seizures
    • Head Injuries
  • G/I
    • Sudden severe abdominal pain
    • Severe GI bleeding
  • Orthopedic
    • Broken Bones
    • Dislocation
  • Dermatological
    • Laceration
    • Serious Burns
  • Everything Else
    • Anaphylaxis-  especially when accompanied by hives, and swollen airways
    • Heavy Bleeding
    • High Fever- especially when accompanied by a stiff neck and sensitivity to light

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the events most likely to lead a person to go to the Emergency Room.  THINK Insurance & Financial Services wants people in Pomona, CA to be prepared for any catastrophic event and for there to be no question unanswered questions so they can always be prepared for the unexpected.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Just because you are renting your home does not mean you don’t need to protect your valuables. While the property owner likely has insurance in place to cover the building in the event of a fire or other damage, this insurance does not cover your personal belongings. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we want to do what we can to educate you on what renters insurance covers. So whether you live in Pomona, CA or somewhere else in the area, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to cover yourself properly.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renter’s insurance is generally broken down into three different kinds of coverage: Personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. Personal property insurance is what you’ll most likely look towards. It covers everything from clothing to furniture, computer equipment, and bicycles, all based on what you claim on the insurance. You can also include jewelry and other items you own. Should you make an additional purchase after obtaining the insurance you’ll need to contact your insurance provider to let them know.

Liability insurance occurs if someone within your apartment or rented home is injured and you are found responsible for the injuries. The additional living expenses insurance coverage is in the event of needing to rent out a hotel because of damage within your home.

Whether you live in Pomona, CA or in an entirely different city altogether, it is important for you to protect your home valuables. With the help of renters insurance, you’ll have the ability to ensure your valuable items are protected in the event of a break in, fire or other situation. We at THINK Insurance & Financial Services are here to assist you with any and all questions you might have regarding renters insurance.

3 Tips For Talking To Your Parents About Life Insurance

It can be emotionally difficult to come to terms with the fact that your parents are getting older, and even more difficult to have conversations with your parents about what will happen after they’re gone. Talking to your aging parents about life insurance choices can feel uncomfortable, but it’s worth it in the long run. Read on for three tips on how to make the conversation a little bit easier.

Be Respectful

It’s important to remember that your parents have a wealth of life experience and are capable of making their own decisions. You may want to guide them in a certain direction when it comes to life insurance, but when all is said and done, the final decision is up to them. It’s ok to offer your ideas and suggestions, but this is not the time to start an argument.

Include Siblings

It’s a good idea to include your siblings in this conversation with your parents. Before approaching mom and dad, have a talk with your brother(s) and/or sister(s) to see if you’re on the same page when it comes to life insurance- you don’t want any surprise disagreements to pop up.

Agree to Disagree

These conversations can be ongoing, and it’s ok if your parents don’t receive the conversation well the first time. It may be necessary to come back and try the conversation again another day.

Before discussing life insurance with your parents, it’s a good idea to know what the different options are. A qualified agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA will be able to help you decide what type of life insurance policy makes the most sense for your parents.

Protect Your Business With These Commercial insurance Options

It doesn’t matter if you run a restaurant or a manufacturing plant, having the right commercial insurance is essential. It can protect you in an assortment of potential situations, yet you can also tailor from your commercial insurance to opt into coverage you need without paying for features your business doesn’t require. THINK Insurance & Financial Services is able to provide you with the assistance your Pomona, CA business needs.

Property Insurance

If you own the property, investing in property insurance is a must. However, even if you don’t own the physical plot of land or building, it does cover your tools, computers, and inventory, so depending on the kind of business you run, property insurance is important.

General Liability Insurance

If your goods or services cause any kind of harm or bodily damage to a customer, they can come after you. With general liability insurance you’ll have the additional coverage to pay for defense attorneys and damages, should it come to this.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you use a large fleet or have a single vehicle used for work, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. Even if you use your own vehicle part-time, if you’re driving the vehicle for business you may need to look towards this insurance addition.

Worker’s Compensation

If you have employees you need to look towards worker’s compensation as a way of protecting both you and them in the event of an injury at work.

Regardless of the kind of company you run, you need to have the right kind of insurance. This can be difficult to select, which is why THINK Insurance & Financial Services is here to help every step of the way. Whether you’re in Pomona, CA or somewhere else in the region, contact THINK for your commercial insurance needs.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required?

When you own and operate an automobile, in Pomona, CA as well as throughout the United States, insurance is mandatory, so is the same true when you own a home? The short answer: no. 

Legally speaking, homeowners insurance is not required, however in many cases, the lender (most likely the bank from which you are getting the mortgage to purchase your new home) will require a policy to cover unforeseen situations (fire, theft, natural disaster). Be sure to speak to an agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving the needs of Pomona, CA to discuss the requirements of individual lenders.

For areas that are susceptible to specific problems, such as earthquakes or floods, it will most likely be mandatory that an additional policy is procured that deals with that specific issue (earthquake insurance and flood insurance coverage is separate from homeowners insurance).

When your home has been paid off, and a lender is no longer necessary, insurance is not a requirement by law. Talk to an agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services to find out more about the importance of maintaining your home insurance policy, however, after your house has been paid off. After all, you will want to protect your investment!

If you have chosen to buy a condominium or co-op, you must follow the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) or the board’s rules. The chances are that they will insist that those purchasing in the community acquire homeowners (or condo) insurance. It is vital then, as the buyer of a condo or co-op, that you find out from the board exactly what kind of coverage is required.

In the case of a townhouse, the association may or may not have a master policy- covering the structure and the common areas- if they do, you will need to additionally purchase renters insurance. If they do not, then you will get homeowners insurance.


Buying A Car That Won’t Increase Your Insurance

Are you looking to buy a new car in Pomona, CA and want to avoid paying too much for your insurance? That is understandable, and we at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help. Here are tips for buying a car that won’t increase your car insurance rates.

Vehicle Value Is Crucial

The value of your vehicle will affect the insurance rate in a simple fashion: cars that are worth more require higher insurance rates. However, cars with very low values may also cost more to insure due to their more breakdown-prone nature. Try to strike a middle ground here.

Consider Vehicle Size

Do you want a huge beast of a vehicle to haul goods or work supplies? Then be prepared to pay a little more for your insurance. Large vehicles cost more to insure because they usually have lower safety ratings than smaller cars. Make sure to investigate which vehicle of this type has the best safety rating to avoid paying too much.

Buy As New As You Can

Older cars will cost more to insure because they are more prone to breakdowns than newer cars. So try to find a car that is as new as possible and which fits into your personal budget. It may cost a little more initially, but it will save you a bundle on your insurance premiums.

Limit The Car’s Power

One odd thing about high-performance vehicles is that they often cost more to insure than cars with lower powered engines. Why is that? High-powered engines are more expensive to repair and may be prone to the kinds of breakdowns that are difficult to perform. So don’t buy a car with high horsepower unless you need it.

These tips will help anyone in Pomona, CA avoid paying too much for insurance when buying a car. If you need any more help here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today.